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He attributed this to one of the downsides of a borderless world which made youth easily susceptible to change and ideas that gnaw at their loyalty to their nation.

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Research from across the globe even showed that citizens in many nations did not know much about the history of their country and how it all started, he added. This is perhaps the foremost reason why many countries, including Malaysia, have started giving History prominence in the curriculum.

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The formulation of public policies, particularly those addressing national identity issues, help strengthen unity among its people. Asian nations like South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore have been at the forefront of such change, setting a progressive pace for History education.


Amazon is giving all new parents a free MAM baby box worth £16

Omar said that many countries had started with a transformative curriculum that enabled history lessons to become the platform of sharpening thinking skills. He said it was high time that History lessons be given importance like English, Bahasa Malaysia, Science and Mathematics. While memorising facts and dates were important, students are of the view that it was sometimes pointless to remember such facts when there were other more pressing questions about the subject that needed to be clarified and answered.

This only drove students away from enjoying the subject. The study said that teachers had poor skills in explaining the historical events in an interesting manner.

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He said the focus on text-based learning made it hard for students to get a correct idea of historical events and this had therefore hampered their understanding of it. While academicians applaud the education plan launched by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, they worry that the move of making History a compulsory pass subject in SPM would only worsen the situation. They view it more as an imposition instead of a solution, one that could hamper the process of inculcating interest and understanding of the subject.

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This would eventually lead to History becoming another subject studied merely for academic gains. Teachers would be driven to use any means necessary to ensure students memorise dates, names and events. This would certainly contradict the type of change that policy-makers and the government wants to see among school-going children. What they want is to produce students with analytical and critical thinking as advocated by our education policies. Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal.

Giving for All It's Worth - AbeBooks - M. Lester; Melissa Lester: X

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