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In a sense, even that stat doesn't capture the problem, since some cyclists have their bikes stolen more than once. The McGill researchers found that the respondents who were bike-theft victims had a total of 1, bikes stolen.

Stolen Dance

Few riders report bike theft, and fewer register their bikes. The Montreal survey found that roughly 36 percent of riders reported the theft, and only 8. Those figures largely reflect a general belief that the police won't do anything anyway. Still, reporting the incident does seem to matter in terms of one's chance for recovery: two thirds of recovered bikes were reported.

But only 2. A sad, sad figure. Even sadder: 22 stolen bikes were reported stolen to police, had been registered before their theft, and had been photographed to help show ownership, according to the Montreal survey. None were recovered. Year-round cyclists are 90 percent more likely than others to have a bike stolen.

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The more you take your bike onto a street, the more chances it has of being stolen. That's no surprise, but the figure itself is alarming: everyday riders are 90 percent more likely to be a theft victim than seasonal or occasional riders. As for the timing of the incidents, theft rates peak in July and decline the rest of the year. In other words, there's a huge disincentive to ride at the very moment it's most appealing to ride. The crime occurs closer to home than cyclists believe.

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The Montreal survey asked cyclists where they felt bike theft occurred most often and compared those responses to actual theft geography. While riders think thefts occur about 3.

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This gap between perceived and actual theft location could lead riders to be less careful locking their bikes than they should be at times, especially in their own neighborhoods. Only 37 percent of cyclists are willing to pay for better parking. Cities have a responsibility to provide bike parking just as they delegate street space for car parking, but they also have an incentive to charge the proper price for it.

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This could be a problem, however, as only 37 percent or cyclists were willing to pay for parking in the Montreal survey. Two in five opponents cited cost, while one in five didn't want to pay on principle. Absolute recovers thousands of stolen computers each year, and so we know the general rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing a used machine.

We also have solutions in place that are used by experts to track stolen laptops.

Stolen Car, Day Two

If the situation feels suspicious, it probably is, and you should avoid it. Although there are no real tell-tale signs of theft, there are definitely red flags to look for when buying secondhand. Absolute provides persistent visibility and control for endpoint devices — desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Embedded at the factory in more than 1 billion devices, our protection cannot be deleted or disabled.

Milky Chance’s global hit "Stolen Dance"

If you are purchasing a device for corporate use, be sure to purchase only new devices that are protected by the self-healing endpoint security from Absolute. The last thing you want is for your new device — and all your sensitive data — to end up in the hands of thieves! Cybercriminals Take Aim at K The seller is unable to produce any documentation for the hardware The Kensington lock slot is damaged, which suggests the computer was ripped from its security cable The laptop is being sold without its power cord The laptop is being sold for an unusually low price most thieves are looking for a quick flip Serial number is scratched out or blatantly obscured The laptop is password protected There are clear signs of corporate branding e.

Even though the offer may be tempting, think before you buy and do your research first. Inquire into the reason for sale. Why is the seller getting rid of the laptop? What have they used it for in the past? Look for fumbling responses, or incoherent explanations. Ask where the laptop was originally purchased and for any original documentation the seller may have — manuals, receipts etc.