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  3. Hot Werewolf Tales (Erotica Threesome) by Lilith Kinke | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & NobleĀ®

Or maybe it was just ma southern charms. She knew what it meant when I was away for days on end. A day of fierce fucking. Ma tail twitched in anticipation, and ma ears nodded forward to hear her sigh.

Legend of the WereWolf - SuperBeast {Ft Rob Zombie}

Long ago I had noticed her hand was between her thighs. Even as I said it, ma hand came to the inner lips of her womanhood and stroked it. She was already wet. I felt the cool and calm feel of the wolf in me sliding under my skin. He was takin' hold. So soon. Well, alright then. Ma muscles bulged a little under the pressure of a new being taking over my psyche. Ma cock grew thicker and longer. By this time ma little mate was making noises of slight protest, as if she was trying to go back to sleep and I was disturbing her.

Lust in Time

And that just pissed me off. She knew who I was, and I also knew she was teasing me, provoking me purposely. That always pissed me off. I growled low and deep in her ear, and ma hand came to yank her long hair back until the silky flesh of her pale neck was exposed to my lengthening canine fangs. I grew them across that paper mache skin, until blood was dripping anew from the wound sustained earlier. I loved lickin' up her blood, after watching it slid down her milky pale skin. She mewled, something human, but I picked up the meanin' of it nonetheless.

No, now she was just going to be fucked. In one fluid motion I raised myself above her, while she was still on her back looking up at me semi-frightened. Ma hands had clawed tips at the ends now, and the fear in her eyes escalated when she saw them. I loved it. I let one claw trace her jaw line, and on trace the inside of her thigh. Her thigh was soon showing crimson blood-tracks, I had left. She whimpered slightly. As I said this, I moved down, and traced the cut with ma tongue, and then working higher.

She jerked, her breath coming out in light gasps. Damnit, she jerked. She knew better. Ma mate knew better. Ma eyes met her cerulean ones, and there was no nice-play anymore. Growls were escaping from ma mouth as I turned her over on her stomach. With one hand I lifted her set of round hips in the air. I sniffed her then.

I smelled the wet need of her hole calling out to ma cock, like none other than a mate could. She needed me. And she was going to get me, whether she liked it or not. I grabbed her entire thigh with one hand on both sides, and relaxed some seeing as how I was one the verge of breaking her hips. I placed my hardness at her entrance, and drove myself home. She screamed from the force of something so very big being shoved into something so very small.

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A heady bark of laughed escaped ma lips. Then the thrusting commenced. Nigh time, and she was mewling, and moaning, and shoving her hot little ass onto ma sex. I knew she would. I needed to fuck her and she needed to be fucked. Thus the laws of the Pack dictate. I was ramming hard, and I felt her inner walls tighten around my hardness, and I felt ma mate come with a throaty moan.

I kept pumping her. Soon, however, I was beginning to loose myself. Ma wolf was crying out to fill the bitch-in-heat under me with my seed. I had to. Ma knot grew inside her. Oh, my little Angel just loved that about me. After all, she mated a wolf. Ma knot was huge inside her, and I knew I always come so close to tearing something. All of a sudden, I let loose. I erupted inside of her for the better half of 5 minutes, like a fierce volcano, complete with the growls, and moans and groans I has these sounds as my body jerked with the ejaculation.

She came again, as the cum filled her, and then she collapsed. Ma knot deflated and I pulled myself out of her, cum following me, to pour out onto the floor. I lay beside her, and pulled her hair, so I could look her in the face. She looked dazed, and oh-so-satisfied. Only my bitch, ma mate would look like that. I had made her look like that. Ma mate. I kissed her hard on the lips. See More by TaylorLynne. It happened when we were young. Barely thirteen and she had swept into our dingy little corner of the earth like a misplaced angel.

We were like the heathens of Sodom and Gomorrah and she, our beloved savior. She had heartbreak eyes and laughing hair that shimmered sunshine. And she was our new neighbor. We were both thirteen, because of course we were both identical twins. I was his mirror composite, alike in all ways physical.

Hot Werewolf Tales (Erotica Threesome)

The sa. I had an extremely hard day at work. I came home to my empty apartment. Opening the door, Smokey my cat started to rub against my leg as I took the keys out of my lock, I shut the door behind me, and walked over to my answering machine with the cat following close by, "oh how exciting, 2 messages. I knew one of them is my mother. She's always trying to set me up with some weird guy. I press play on my answering machine and I hear my mothers voice "Valerie, this is your mother, and I think I found the perfect guy for" Click It was a cold, harsh night when Lucy's father was murdered.

She hadn't been able to sleep, lying awake in her bed as rain attacked her window and lightning flashed across her room. She wasn't frightened of the weather; storms happened often enough in Solace but something in the air made her heartbeat race. She'd heard of magic, of the vampires from the Shadowlands and though she'd never felt their touch she knew the air was tainted with their dark presence. Her light, blue eyes flashed towards her door as she heard a woman scream and she could do nothing but curl under her sheets in worry.

It had to be one of the maids, she knew, as there w. The first time I walked in on my roommate downloading porn with one hand down his pants, I was really embarrassed.

Hot Werewolf Tales (Erotica Threesome) by Lilith Kinke | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & NobleĀ®

But after the 4th and 5th time, I was annoyed that he was still downloading porn, and not hitting on me, he was just looking at ugly cum whores on the internet. Im good looking. I dont know why he does that. Finally, I decided to do something about it. For a whole week I was always really quiet when I came home. I didnt want him to hear me. Finally one day I found him looking at porn. I snuck in the room quietly and kneeled behind him By the time he heard me and started to turn around, I snuck one hand around his waist and p.

This is the first chapter of my story. There are 24 on the way. Check out the pictures accompanying this. They're done by an amazing artist named Calisto-Lynn. Check out her site. She's the best! Thank you, Calisto! Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In.

It's True Blood, but in werewolf style I love it! Please update or contiue! Kinda reminds me of "True Blood" WaterLilyKitty Hobbyist Photographer. Very powerful. I have some stuffs i think you'll like, but it's nothing compared to your stuff, i haven't written anything about sex, but i'll notify you on it if you want I really wanna read the rest of the chapters!

Core Membership. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Copyright Policy. Anyway, my mother was waiting for me with a very sour face. She was in the kitchen, baking cookies, when I entered the house. It was the answer I gave every time I went to the river. Not that it was any of my business. She grinned at me. He seemed to have much more serious problems than that. But what did I know? I was only nineteen, no longer a juvenile but yet to be a full-grown woman.

Not actively, maybe. In my room, I sat at my desk, pulled out the sketching notebook and started coloring the sketches using a brand-new pack of crayons. It took me about half an hour before I was happy with the result of both sketches, and once I was finished with this, I checked my phone for new messages. Dialing her number, I waited for her to pick up. After a few rings she finally did. Usually she would scold me for being so indifferent, but apparently this time she was too busy with whatever it is that happened to do so. It was uncommon for werewolves to recognize each other as mates when before they were anything but.

Even lovers who turned out to be mates after a certain amount of time they were together was more common than what had happened to Mia. See, Mia and Harry had a completely platonic friendship. That they turned out to be mates Yeah, it was a surprise. It was a dream, to have a mate who already knew everything about you. Once Michelle ended the call, I simply stared at the phone for a few more moments. It made me wonder what if, maybe, my mate was also someone close to me.

Sighing for the thousandth time today, I leaned my head down on the desk, letting the cool air of late November caress me. The Mating Season was almost here, every werewolf could sense it now, that it was only a matter of days. Michelle had a partner to pass this Season. So did Mia, apparently, and my other friends. I could only hope this Season would be less worse than the others, that I would be able to keep my virginity intact, no matter how alluring the temptation is. Shayezenne Johnson: This book is absolutely amazing.

No work need to be done I recommend this to anyone who love a good romantic erotica. There are also parts that had me laughing hard. An all around great book. Author has done an amazing, wonderful job! Cheerycherub: Very good and an excellent plot, I cant wait for the next chapter. Every sentence is just a buildup and the author really channelled the main character well. This is a good one. I love the change and I love the story.

I love seeing rage and tamie being family. I love that wood is so taken with her. I thinkt his is one of the best ones even though it's hard to pick my favorite. Donna Marie Topley: I loved this book. Loved the story line. Loved the characters.

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The characters are interesting, great character development and fascinating story all together. Keep up the good work. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Upload Story. Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. Chapter One Every unmated girl in the city was in love with Aiden Norwood.

Right now, the same brooding alpha, was sitting a few feet away from me. Just like Aiden Norwood did now. Besides, I wanted my river to be left alone. It still stung to think about it. I sighed. Yeah, right. Chapters 1. Chapter One. Further Recommendations. Stephanie Gallagher: I liked it a lot.

Survival of the Rose by Audra Symphony. Filthy Virgin by VAddison. Romulus' Possession by Veronica. GurlyQueen: Was a good book. Saving Maximus by Leila Vy. Rashmi Patil: Refreshing story. My Brothers Best Friend by linzvonc. Sabrina Rodrigues: I can't stop reading:. Gideon by NicoleRidd3y. Labyrinth by K. Sarah Hall: I recommend this book to anyone. More Recommendations.

The Rejection by Sahineish Joy Hayslett. Kay: Hope there is another book.