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In , at the age of 21, she penned an anonymous response to a misogynistic newspaper article in a local newspaper, The Pittsburgh Dispatch. Cochran was soon writing for the Dispatch , and following the tradition of the time, adopted a pseudonymous pen name. She chose Nellie Bly , a character in a popular song by composer Stephen Foster. In , she moved to New York, where it took her months to land her next job, at the New York World.

10 Days in North Korea. Inside the most isolated country in the world

The World , published by Joseph Pulitzer , specialized in sensationalistic and lurid stories that made it one of the most highly circulated papers of its day. But it also published hard-hitting investigative pieces, a perfect fit for Bly. Just 23, Bly was now one of a handful of female reporters in New York City. Determined to make her mark, she accepted an unusual — and dangerous — assignment. Working under an assumed name, she took a room in a boarding house and set out to prove herself insane.

Within days, the boarding house owners summoned the police.

Miscellaneous Sketches.

Bly now claimed to be a Cuban immigrant, suffering from amnesia. A perplexed judge sent Bly to Bellevue Hospital, where she got a taste of the suffering to come, as hospital inmates were forced to eat spoiled food and live in squalid conditions. Originally built to hold 1, patients, Blackwell was cramming more than 1, people into the asylum when Bly arrived in the fall of Extensive budget cuts had led to a sharp decline in patient care, leaving just 16 doctors on staff. But most disturbing of all was the prevailing wisdom of the age regarding both the causes of mental illness and how patients should be treated.


10 Days in Japan: A First-Timer’s Complete Itinerary

Bly quickly befriended her fellow inmates, who revealed rampant psychological and physical abuse. Not to be missed is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist at the end of ulica Katedralna. If you can, visit Cathedral Island in the evening. Try one of these out for size:. If you have extra time and find the trip too long, break it up with a stay in Poznan. No visit to Poland is complete without a visit to Krakow.

In fact, most Poland itineraries start—and end—here.

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Travellers fall in love with Krakow nearly unanimously. Not only are the treasures of Krakow obvious, the city has an intangible vibrance that always leaves you wanting more. Dedicate at least three days to Krakow. The more time you can stretch out in Krakow, though, the better! In any case, here are a few pointers on where to start:. The square is surrounded by incredible architecture, none more impressive than the superlatively large Cloth Hall and St. Take time to explore each, especially the Rynek Undergound beneath the Cloth Hall and the interior of St.

The ornate chapels of Wawel Cathedral are no less impressive. The regular tourist route through the mine snakes through dozens of chambers and galleries carved out from rock salt. Most impressive on the tour is the Chapel of St. Kinga, an otherworldly church whose every decoration and adornment is painstakingly carved from salt.

The guided half-day tour leaves twice a day from Matejko Square in Old Town and includes transportation and admission to the mine. The museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau is a sombre scene, bringing to life conditions at the camps with a number of exhibits. Most haunting are the personal effects of the prisoners—from eyeglasses and uniforms to toothbrushes and journals—left behind as they were erased from history with precision. Equally shuddering are artefacts from the German side. Among them, empty canisters of Zyklon B, the poison used in the gas chambers, sit idle having long ago fulfilled their deadly duty.

TIP : Want the full experience? With its ever increasing popularity, finding where to stay in Krakow is hardly as easy—or cheap—as it once was. The best properties for travellers looking to explore the city centre lie within Old Town and Kazimierz. Start your search with one of these best hotels in Krakow:. Travelling between Wroclaw and Krakow by train is no longer the slow tedious trudge it once was.

Visiting Zakopane at anytime of year is fanastic. Entering into the world of Zakopane means confronting unrivalled nature head on. Start with a couple of these things to do in Zakopane:. Clear your head and your lungs from European city life. Of all the reasons to visit Zakopane, a trip to Morskie Oko takes the top spot. This crystalline glacial lake buried deep in Tatra National Park is easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in Poland, reflecting the majesty of the High Tatra mountains in its emerald waters.

No cars are allowed, but you can save time by taking a horse carriage ride. This place is an insanely popular Polish escape year round. Book well very well ahead of time or see your choices dwindled. Try out these few properties:. Buses are by far the quickest way to get between Krakow and Zakopane.

She went to great lengths to plan her undercover stunt

If you purchase anything through these links, I'll receive a commission. It won't cost you anything extra, but it will help keep me trekkin' on and delivering more free and unsponsored! Thanks :. A fiercely-independent guide to mid-range luxury travel. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Dig into this amazing Central European country on this unforgettable day Poland itinerary … Table of Contents 10 days in Poland: Things to know before you go When to go to Poland Do I need travel insurance for Poland?

Get Travel Insurance at World Nomads. Warsaw Hostel Centrum : A centrally located hostel with both private rooms and dorms. Good compromise between budget and comfort. Book early as this place is insanely popular! The hotel is home to two fine restaurants and a bar to unwind after a long day. I reckon you should get the touristy things out of the way first - because while they are worth doing, they are not a highlight. So get Pompeii and Herculaneum out of the way in the first three days. This seafront hotel is in an excellent location - with the main attraction being the expansive, stylish outdoor terrace where you can enjoy dinner, drinks and incredible sea views while watching the sunset.

The view from the swimming pool is also breath-taking. Set on the cliffside in the Gulf of Naples, this is the best of the Amalfi Coast's gourmet cuisine with amazing views of Vesuvius. The service is impeccable and the presentation high-end. It's reasonably priced and there are gluten-free options also. This was a really nice surprise for us - the most delicious meal we had on the trip in gorgeously atmospheric surroundings.

October (Ten Days that Shook the World) () - IMDb

We were seated upstairs in the dimly lit vault-style restaurant alongside shelves of fresh pasta and vintage wines. The steak is measured by weight, and the pasta dishes were bursting with flavour. A really great wine list was the cherry on top. They say Naples is home to the best pizza in the world, and Sorbillo serves up the best pizza in Naples, so If you want to try what is very possibly the best pizza in the universe - make sure you don't show up during Siesta - 4pm.

This happened to us - so the closest I got to the best pizza in the world was my nose against the window.

How to Write a Book in Ten Days

I love history, and I found Pompeii to be I recommend you don't start at the Anfiteatro entrance, as it's the best part and the rest will be a disappointment afterwards. Work up to it. We all know that the good stuff was moved away to museums which takes the sparkle out of the experience a little bit.

It's worth doing - but don't pay extortionate prices for a tour guide. I eavesdropped on one tour and there was nothing said that I couldn't have found on Wikipedia. A shuttle bus will take you from Pompeii as far as you can drive on the volcano. After that it's a thirty minute hike to the top. It's taxing - and worth noting that my mother, a fairly fit sixty-year-old, couldn't walk for two days after summiting. Your reward is the best view on the Amalfi coast.