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Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. After passing through such a crisis, some physical healing usually proceeds rapidly. Soul involvement. Retracing involves metanoia , which is a turning within the soul to look at itself and begin the return process to the Source or One. For more, read Metanoia on this website. Religious healing. In religious terminology, retracing has to do with repenting, grace, faith, and mercy. Plenty of forgiveness is also often required to get through a spiritual healing reaction. If you are having trouble with forgiveness, I suggest a program that is available via the internet called Total Forgiveness.

Just type these words into a search engine, and the program will come up. It involves reading, and there is a seminar available for women. Difficulties with this type of crisis. This type of crisis causes us the most problems of any type, because the readjustment of the body and mind are so profound that some people do not want to go through it. As a result, they hold back and continue with their old way of thinking and being. They may even dig in their heels and actively resist the changes that they need to move through.

The reason this type is difficult is that it is natural for the body and mind to resist change, and this is change on a very deep level, so the level of resistance can be rather high. Also, as one approaches the crisis, the old way stops working as well, so the person works even harder to make it continue to work. Also, the person often begins to feel tired and stressed in his or her older ways, and believes that this means one should stop moving forward, when, in fact, this is exactly what is needed.

Also, people start feeling worse and they stop listening to us. They think they are getting worse, when in fact, they are just in a healing crisis, and their judgment is impaired.

This is because these reactions or crises always affect the mind, not just the body. The mind is always seriously affected. Most of the time, the mind is in a confused state, with part of the personality in the present, while another part is the past cleaning up certain mistakes or traumas or other types of imbalances.

Yet another part of the mind is in the future, looking ahead to what is coming and trying to make sense of it, which is hard.

Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Detox, Emotional Healing Crisis Symptoms

It may seem amazing that this could be taking place all at the same time, but many people report exactly this phenomenon. At the same time, a person is a 30 or 40 year-old adult, but another part of the person is a sad or unhappy 3 year-old, and yet another part is looking into the future, in fact, wondering where all this will lead and trying to get a handle on it before it bursts on the scene full-blown. This is the correct solution to this problem. These are the reasons why judgment is seriously impaired in all cases of spiritual or life healing crises that arise on development programs.

This is also one reason we insist that clients keep in close touch with their practitioner , and I am available if the situation is severe, which is rare, but it happens now and then. If you try to handle this type of crisis on your own, you will often fail, or you will prolong the agony or damage the body by taking drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills or others to make it through the crisis.

Often the person gets stuck in the crisis and never fully emerges. This is unfortunate, as it is not that hard to make it through with correct guidance and a correct development program. At times, a new hair mineral analysis is helpful, but not always. But guidance from an experienced practitioner is always needed.

I bring this subject up because these crises or retracing reactions are really quite exciting and represent significant movement forward and healing. One may say that the spiritual healing crisis is a kind of turning point. It must be handled correctly or the process stalls and one cannot move on properly.

The practitioner must take the time to explain what is going on and have the client read this article. This is a must. Also, the practitioner must know exactly what is going on, or contact me to confirm that something else is not occurring, such as just a stressful event. They must also help the person to stay the course, in most cases, although in a few cases it is helpful to back off on the supplements and perhaps the use of the sauna for a day or two.

In general, however, the sooner one can get through the crisis, the better. Practitioners must understand the high level of confusion and dissociation that can occur with these crises. These are general ideas only, but are the most important ones to handle these situations with clients. The body has more energy with which to handle the purification reactions. A person has more understanding of retracing, how it works and how it feels. One has more experience with reactions and what to expect. One usually has more tools to help handle healing reactions.

As one progresses, a person becomes happier. This can help a lot with handling healing reactions. As one progresses and develops, one will receive more guidance and help, which assists with healing reactions. Later on, elimination is better, so the process moves along faster and with less discomfort. The body will not undertake a healing reaction unless it can see it through to completion.

Due to principle 1 above, reassurance and general supportive measures are usually all that is required, even with an intense purification or healing reaction. These measures are discussed below and include plenty of rest, a simple diet, and keeping a positive attitude. Medical interventions can worsen a healing reaction. For this reason, I urge clients not to immediately visit doctors or hospitals if they feel badly, and to first speak with their development consultant or doctor about their symptoms.

In most cases, with supportive measures, and perhaps changing their program and a few simple remedies, the entire reaction subsides. A development program causes continuous retracing. Healing occurs fast, and at deep levels, causing this. Therefore, any symptoms during a development program tend to be due to only three possibilities:. A The program needs updating. B It is a healing reaction. C One is not following the program correctly. The usual way this occurs is that one is not eating enough cooked vegetables. These are absolutely needed to assist the body to remove toxic metals and chemicals, and to renourish the body.

Everyone worries that a flare-up of symptoms during a development program is not healing, but rather a disease. While not perfect, answering the five questions below can help one to know if a symptom is due to healing or something else. Was the person following a development program, including diet, rest, supplements and the proper application of the sauna? Healing reactions occur most often when the body is given all that it needs. If the complete program is followed fairly strictly, the reaction is likely due to healing.

However, if a person is not following the program, or on a different regimen, then it is more likely that it is not a healing reaction. Also, if one is terminally ill, it may not be a healing reaction. Was one feeling better before the reaction occurred? Healing reactions require energy. Thus, a reaction can occur and often does just when one is feeling stronger. If one had been feeling worse, the reaction is less likely due to healing, however.

Have the symptom occurred in the past? Often, old symptoms or conditions recur during healing reactions. If one experienced the symptom in even the distant past, it is more likely, though not always, due to healing. Are the symptoms unusual? Healing reactions often produce odd symptom pictures. One might develop a sore throat or flu without fatigue.

This occurs when one is really not ill, though one may develop some features of an illness. How long have symptoms lasted? Healing reactions usually do not last long. They may be vigorous but end in a few hours or at most about a week. This one is tricky, however, because a deep-seated physical or emotional problem may take weeks or months to retrace completely in a few cases. Look to the other questions for more clarity, or do a hair analysis retest to gain more insight as to what is going on. Any time you do not feel well for more than one or two days, please ask your Helper to have me check your entire program, including your state of hydration.

A program that needs updating, or drinking water that is not hydrating you, often causes symptoms that look just like a healing reaction. Over half the time, that which appears to be a healing reaction is simply a need for an updated program. Your body chemistry has shifted, and your supplements, and perhaps the diet, need to be updated.

This is very important!

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We will let you know if we think you are moving through a healing or purification reaction. If the problem is a need to update your program or drink different water, your symptoms should begin to improve within two or three days. If symptoms continue, then please ask your Helper to have me check your program again. At times, a combination of factors is in play and this procedure is required. If we tell you that you are experiencing a healing reaction or retracing, remain in close touch with your Helper.

A full development program is not do-it-yourself. If you are retracing, your judgment is usually not clear. Do not try to solve things yourself. This is a hard and fast rule. Rest more. Resting more will allow the reaction to proceed much faster. Also, reduce stress and strain. Conserve energy for healing. Reduce mental as well as physical activity. Eat lightly. Chicken soup with chopped vegetables in it is superb during all healing reactions. Reduce grains and meat during healing reactions, as these can slow them down. Acute reactions. If you are very uncomfortable, it may be best to skip a meal.

However, usually a bowl of chicken soup is better than fasting. Definitely, do not fast for more than one or two meals. Fasting depletes the body of nutrients and is yin, and harmful in the long run. For details, read Fasting. While drinking adequate water is important during healing reactions, guzzling extra water is usually not helpful. Discontinue nutritional supplements until a reaction passes.

This is general advice only because at times, supplements are needed. However, until we check your healing reaction, it is best to discontinue them. Many reactions will proceed without them. Other detoxification procedures are often helpful:. The pushing down exercise is always excellent. Doing it more will often help a reaction to pass more quickly.

Coffee enemas are usually excellent, and perhaps essential, if one feels constipated and toxic. More of them will often cause a reaction to pass more quickly. Vaginal coffee implants are also usually very good. Foot and hand reflexology are superb during healing reactions.

They can often move reactions along much faster! The spinal twist is superb. Doing it more often will often help a reaction pass more quickly. Going to a good chiropractor is also often helpful. Deep breathing. Breathing deeply and slowly is excellent during healing reactions. It is very calming for the nervous system and helps oxygenate the body, which will help the body move through the reaction faster.

The need for sauna therapy - but only with a heat lamp sauna - is variable during a healing reaction. Long sauna sessions tend to bring up more toxins for release. This can make one feel worse. The heat of the sauna may also cause more inflammation, which can make one feel worse.

Often, it is best to reduce sauna sessions to less than 20 minutes, or skip sauna sessions entirely during a healing reaction. We can let you know about your situation if you ask your practitioner to check about saunas. Use of a single red heat lamp during healing reactions is also variable for the same reasons. Use care in discussing healing reactions with physicians and others unfamiliar with them.

Healing symptoms can easily be misinterpreted as illness. This is an extremely common problem. We never discourage people from visiting doctors. However, very few understand healing reactions or understand development programs. Most do not even know what questions to ask you to properly assess the situation. So please stay in touch with your practitioner and insist that he or she check with me as to what is going on. Watch your attitude.

I find that if a person has a negative attitude or becomes too fearful with a healing reaction, this makes it more difficult to move through. So, if possible, relax as much as possible and attempt to be grateful for this healing action of the body. I know this is difficult, at times, but a positive attitude is extremely helpful for all healing. For toxic reactions in general: As toxins are mobilized and eliminated, one may experience headaches, rashes, pain, dizziness, abdominal discomfort and other symptoms.

In addition to the general ideas above, more coffee enemas are wonderful for most detoxification reactions of this type. In addition, adding milk thistle and dandelion root to your development program may help. Nausea is usually due to congestion of the liver due to toxin removal. More coffee enemas, up to four per day, is often helpful. Two coffee enemas can be taken back to back in the morning, and two back to back in the afternoon.

This is a powerful combination, and this can be continued for a week or even a month or more, if needed. In an extreme case, one can induce vomiting if extreme nausea is present. Drink salt water first, so the stomach is not empty.

Balance and The Healing Crisis

Lying down and remaining quiet for half an hour or more is often very beneficial. Retracing infections is often a bit scary, as one can develop fever, rashes, dizziness and other disturbing symptoms. However, if a person is following a development program, retracing most infections, no matter how vigorous they seem, is a benign and controlled process that requires little more than supportive therapy such as more rest, enough water, and a light diet.

At times, colloidal silver, vitamin A or bee propolis are helpful. If it becomes higher, ways to lower it naturally include sponging the body with cool water, and a coffee enema or two will almost always lower a fever. Also, be sure you are well-hydrated when fever is present, as the body can easily become dehydrated.

Drink water, and not tea or juice, please. Common sites of chronic infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, throat, bronchials, lungs, intestines, kidneys, skin and bladder. Most people have dozens of chronic infections that commonly flare up as they are healed. They go from chronic to acute, and are then eliminated. This is the reverse order in which they took hold in the body.

Here are some simple and safe supportive therapies that are excellent for retracing infections. Coffee enemas. These are excellent to help one move through any infection or fever. Up to four per day is fine. Heat activates the immune system and may disable or even kill some microorganisms. For this reason, sauna use is excellent to help heal some chronic infections. Do not continue with sauna therapy if it just irritates the body, which occasionally occurs.

It can be confusing, however, because at times the seeming irritation can be a healing process. One can expose an area of chronic infection to more infrared as this can speed healing in some cases. This works very well on the sinuses, for example, and can work well with parasites in the intestinal tract or elsewhere in the body. Another excellent idea is to shine one or more red heat lamps on the thymus gland area, which is the middle of the chest or breast bone.

Do this for 30 minutes at a time, twice or three times daily. This may also speed up healing. Drink plenty of spring water. Chicken soup helps with some infections. Do not eat fruit or fruit juices, as they are too yin. Stay with the recommended diet but just eat less, especially if you are not too hungry.

Never eat a lot when sick. Infection remedies when retracing. Check with your consultant about taking any of these remedies, as they will be indicated sometimes, but not others. They include:. This is a product from Endomet Laboratories that contains some zinc, copper, vitamins A and C, and a little magnesium and vitamin B6. It is designed to support the immune response, and often works extremely well. Adults can take up to 6 tablets three times daily. Children need less depending on their size and weight. Vitamin A and not beta carotene.

This is one of the most used natural remedies in development science. It strengthens mucus membranes and has other positive effects upon the immune response, so it is helpful for many infections of all kinds. Adults usually need about 25, to 50, iu per day for 5 days or so.

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The natural vitamin A from fish oil is somewhat better than the synthetic form, called retinyl palmitate. Colloidal silver. I prefer the following brands, although other may work well, too. However, other brands are sometimes very good, too. The usual dose for a low-potency product for an adult is about 1 tablespoon three times daily, taken by itself, at least 15 minutes away from all food and all beverages before and after taking it. It may also be applied locally by sniffing it, inhaling it or putting it on the skin or a drop in an ear, for example. This important mineral by itself is usually not indicated during healing reactions because it lowers the tissue sodium level, which is usually low to begin with.

However, in combination with copper, manganese, vitamin A and vitamin C, in the product called Limcomin, it is extremely helpful, at times. Bee propolis. This is occasionally helpful for those following a development program. Herbs such as Echinacea, golden seal, astragalus. These are used, at times, but I find they are not as helpful today, for some reason, as in the past. Rest lying down as much as possible. Any infection that persists for more than several days may not be a healing reaction. For Pain in the Liver Area which is common during a development program :.

Rub the feet in the liver reflex area and on the top of both feet in the webbing between the first and second toes. Extra coffee enemas are often excellent. You can also try taking extra ox bile and pancreatin such as GB-3 by Endomet Labs. The tincture is often better than dry tablets. For adults, one can take up to 20 drops three times a day or up to 3 capsules three times per day of a standardized product. For pain in the kidneys or ureters:.

Drink extra water, up to one quart extra per day. If the above does not work, distilled water for a few days is sometimes helpful. For itching or burning of the skin. Aloe very gel may help soothe the area. An ancient remedy is wo oil. This remedy burns badly when applied, but the burning subsides in about 10 minutes, and with it often the itching and burning of the rash also subsides. Do not use in or near the eyes. They are too delicate for this remedy.

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Do not use more than one or two drops. That is all that is needed. Do not use on a baby, ever. The person must be at least 3 years old to use this remedy. Wo oil is a fairly yang remedy, and one that is safe, but only if used properly. It can help with itchiness until a healing reaction passes. It is an ancient Tibetan formula that includes eucalyptus and camphor. This remedy also seems to induce sleep, which is good if you have an itchy rash. Rest plenty and eat lightly. Be sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Avoid all fruit and all sweets!

Six charcoal tablets, three times per day will help absorb toxins. Well-cooked garlic or 15 garlic capsules daily may be needed if one is releasing parasites. Eat lightly of non-fibrous, non-irritating foods such as rice, other grains, chicken and cooked vegetables until diarrhea passes. Severe diarrhea that persists requires intervention. Otherwise one may lose vital electrolytes and become dehydrated. For Emotional Reactions: Emotional traumas deeply held need to be brought to consciousness to be released. When emotions or negative thoughts arise, allow oneself to feel them without suppressing or wallowing in the feelings.

This can be difficult. Call your consultant or one of our program support counselors , if needed. Doing more of the Roy Masters meditation exercise can be most helpful, as can the physical procedures such as coffee enemas, near infrared lamp sauna sessions, rubbing the feet, and the others. Observe feelings from as neutral a viewpoint as possible. It is very helpful to talk with someone supportive to gain added perspective. Feelings will generally pass, washing over oneself like ocean waves. Vigorous exercise can slow emotional reactions.

Extra rest and sleep will help them pass more quickly. Many people learned well to suppress their feelings and have great difficulty expressing them. These people benefit from allowing themselves to cry, scream or otherwise express that which they feel. If this seems embarrassing, one can close the bedroom door or go sit in a car. For several years I would cry for no apparent reason, often in crowded places. At times I believed I was ill, but eventually the symptom passed and I found myself much happier. These will pass without requiring supportive therapy.

Extreme fatigue or copper elimination can also cause feelings of anxiety. Sometimes one of these works better than another. Resting, deep, slow breathing, calming herbs, massage, foot reflexology and other natural therapies may be helpful as well. For Weight Loss or Gain: During development programs, weight may fluctuate. Weight gain may occur if the body retains water to buffer toxins that are being eliminated. Weight loss may occur even in a thin person as damaged tissue is broken down.

The Healing Crisis – The Test Healing Insights - Ancestral Medicine Women podcast

One often will go through periods of greater tissue breakdown followed by periods of rebuilding. Shifts in glandular activity may temporarily cause weight gain or loss. Most shifts in weight are not a cause for concern. In some cases, eating more or fewer calories may assist in balancing weight during a detoxification program.

Usually, however, the development program needs to take its course and weight will normalize after several months to several years, depending on the toxicity of the body. However, we are finding that lecithin does a lot more than this. Lecithin is extremely helpful for anxiety that occurs with some healing reactions. We are researching its role on the program because it seems to help in many ways, especially for women. Taking aspirin, Tylenol, tranquilizers or other over the-counter remedies is not nearly as good as lecithin or some natural methods for healing reactions.

Children generally have a much easier time with retracing than adults. The reasons are:.

Children usually have more vitality than adults. Children often have less stress than adults. Children are often more comfortable with the out-of-control feeling that may accompany a healing reaction. Children have often experienced fewer traumas than adults that can get in the way of retracing. Children have less inertia and other personality blocks that slow retracing. The above often make children, as a group, much happier than adults, and this facilitates the retracing process.

It is usually much easier for children to just rest and relax when they do not feel well. Most adults have other obligations such as work or family that may prevent adequate rest. Retracing actually restores the body to its previous healthy state. Cures have the following characteristics:. Retracing occurs continuously or almost so during a development program. This is a primary quality of development programs that is not true of other healing programs.

Development is the process of opening and growing the subtle human energy fields. This eventually yields a much stronger and long-lived body. Retracing always occurs as part of development. For more details, read Introduction To Development. Retracing is very complex. Using the 7 system , here are seven aspects of retracing that make it complex:.

Life and death issues. Retracing can involve any body system. However, our bodies prioritize which diseases, toxins or other problems need to be dealt with first. Often, the first conditions that are retraced are not the ones that you think are most important. This can be very confusing. For example, you may think your headaches or your fatigue are your most important symptoms. However, many people have far more serious conditions developing in their bodies such as tumors, aneurisms, heart attacks, ulcers, or emotional traumas.

The body will often retrace these first because they are more important. This fact about development is annoying to some people — but can save your life. Religious versus secular thinking. Some retracing is about mental, rather than physical imbalances. This is confusing and annoying for some people. For example, a very common thinking pattern today is liberal, left-wing or secular thought.

This belief system states that truth is relative and is whatever I want it to be. Books that teach absolute truth, such as the Bible, are often mocked. Although some will disagree, in practice we find that this progressive, socialist, left-wing or liberal thinking is simply wrong, and this may be brought to your attention during some retracing reactions. Vitality versus weakness. Retracing depends upon having plenty of vitality.

Unfortunately, many people lack vitality today, even young people. This gets in the way of retracing and can make healing reactions much more unpleasant and lengthy. Improving vitality is therefore important to facilitate retracing. The role of self versus the role of others. Retracing is not just about oneself.

In fact, it often involves a host of other beings. These can include bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites, souls, and, at times, other human beings. Any or all of these can and does influence the process of retracing, making retracing practically impossible to analyze. Creative versus destructive aspects of retracing.

The people around me weren't particularly helpful and I didn't ask for help, as I was used to be strong and doing everything on my own. How I managed, I don't know. But somehow I did manage though I felt awful day and night. One of the workshop participants thereupon told me to "stop making such a fuss about a "tiny healing crisis". I was furious but didn't reply. And as is usually the case when I get really furious -- which fortunately is rare -- things start to happen. A few hours later the judgemental man himself had a terrible healing crisis. And guess what: he had to be carried to the toilet by two other men -- I managed without help in spite of vertigo.

After spending hours in the bathroom, much to the dismay of the campsite owner he spent the night on the tent floor shivering, freezing and shaking with fear whilst constantly muttering about entities. Though we comforted him and kept him company he was scared out of his wits.

He never said anything about "tiny healing crisis" again. In fact he fled soon after and didn't want to hear anything about shamanism or entities ever again! I feel the spirits taught him a tough lesson of compassion! Where there is judgement there is no healing. Healing needs love for fuel and where there is judgement there is no love and no compassion. Sadly I have found only too often that people on so called healing workshops and in spiritual circles behave very judgemental and unloving to others.

Everybody talks about unconditional love, especially in New Age circles, but I have seen few put it in practice. It is easy to laugh at others' healing crisis, but will you still laugh when it hits you really badly? Don't judge, lest you be judged yourself, I say! Q: As far as I know not every healing triggers a healing crisis. So why is this? A: Only deep healing and great transformation triggers a healing crisis.

Alternatively great resistance can cause a healing crisis or you may be dealing with an attention seeker or a drama queen. But please do not judge people or yourself, because you could really hurt somebody who is going through a genuine healing crisis which can be very cathartic and hard to deal with.

No need to give them more pressure, give them love and compassion, that is always best. Q: Why do some people get one healing crisis after another and others never seem to get one? A: Some people do very intense spiritual work and grow very fast. They tend to have more healing crises. Others have very deep trauma to work through and therefore tend to suffer more after healing.

Obviously they need to change their belief system to make it easier on themselves. That depends on how deep the healing was and how great your resistance was. Also as you get the hang of transformative healing you learn to flow with the healing, like a surfer riding a large wave you stay on top of your emotions and the physical discomfort. Q: I was really sick for several days after the healing. Is there something wrong with the healer or the healing technique? A: If you had a huge healing crisis you probably had a very powerful healing.

Be grateful to the universe for helping you find such a healer or getting such deep healing from your self-healing work. Q: I have been feeling off ever since the healing which was months ago. Did something bad get into me? A: Possibly. You might have fallen prey to a vampire or entities were transferred to you. Please read the Entities , Page and my article Vampires Suck!

If you need help e-mail me! Alternatively you might not yet have dealt with the issues the healing crisis has brought up. Q: Can the healing crisis be avoided? A: In most cases no. But you can make it much easier for yourself by surrendering and observing. Q: Is there any way to stop the healing crisis? A: Yes, but I don't recommend it. Eat junk food and get drunk and it will probably stop -- however, you will get no healing either. The great transformation that has started within you will stop dead in its tracks.

Q: Is a healing crisis really necessary for deep healing? A: Not absolutely. Where there is zero resistance there is no pain. However, it is very difficult to let go of all resistance. It needs practice and deep faith! Q: What is actually going on during a healing crisis? A: Good question! You will understand the healing crisis much better when you see it as a.

It is a rebirth and will ultimately make you much stronger. As a rule, the greater the healing crisis, the greater the transformation. So comfort yourself with that thought when you are in the midst of suffering! Generally a healing crisis occurs when a big shift is being made. You are basically being broken down and rebuilt in a better, stronger way, as a more powerful you.

The old you is dying and the new you is being reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. The reasons why something in you may need to be broken down and be rebuilt instead of being healed in a less cathartic way can be complex. You will have to get through it somehow. The choice is yours whether this will be kicking and screaming, or whether you pass through it elegantly and with some dignity.

Surrender is the key! I keep saying this, because surrender is indeed the key for many things. Together with love and trust it forms the foundation of spirituality. The reason why some people get a healing crisis from even the mildest form of healing is that they have great resistance. My sensitivity as a healer is such that I can feel people's resistance to healing very acutely.

I may not always tell them, because some can't handle the truth. People will say: "I really want healing, I have no resistance to healing. Yes, they want to get rid of the disease, the annoying symptom. But are they ready to face the root cause and take responsibility? Often the honest answer to this is "no"!