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The new government on Tarizon was called Central Authority and it ruled in accordance with the Supreme Mandate which guaranteed the right to assemble, to speak freely, to vote, and a fair trial for those accused of crimes against the public.

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It abolished slavery and provided many other civil liberties as well. Unfortunately, Central Authority was only able to maintain order in the major cities of Tarizon.

Huge domes had been constructed over these cities so water and air could be filtered and purified. A controlled environment allowed the urban population to go about their daily lives without protective clothing and risk of radiation poisoning. Some areas outside of the domes were governed by local town councils or regional governments who were pledged to uphold the Supreme Mandate but only loosely controlled by Central Authority.

shroud of doom tarizon saga book 2 Manual

Much of the rural area had no government and a state of anarchy persisted. The tremors, tidal waves, floods and toxic ash that had ravished the planet for over a year left Tarizon nearly uninhabitable. However, the best treaty that could be arranged with the U. Government was to allow citizens of Tarizon to come to Earth for a five to seven year visit for the purpose of mating and conceiving children in a healthy environment and then returning with them to Tarizon.

In exchange for a new generation of healthy Tarizonian citizens, the United States was given advanced technology that would guarantee it was the dominant military power on Earth for generations to come. Two political parties emerged on Tarizon during this post eruption period, the Purists and the Loyalists. The Purists represented the unspoiled humans who believed they were superior to the mutants and all other life-forms on Tarizon and should rule over them. Their opponents, the Loyalists, considered themselves loyal to the intentions of those who had written the Supreme Mandate.

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They believed all life-forms were protected by the Supreme Mandate and should be treated equally. Citizens, being sent off to another planet, it elected to keep the program secret. The CIA was given oversight of the program, however, it was administered primarily by military commanders from Tarizon.

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These private citizens were watched closely by the CIA and these Tarizonian military commanders. He chose exile and on a stormy night Peter was swept aboard Earth Shuttle 21 and brought to Tarizon. Once in power, he planned to renounce the Supreme Mandate and order the extermination of all non-human life forms. The Loyalist party, anticipating Videl's rise to power, had been planning a civil war to restore rule under the Supreme Mandate and stop the genocide. His goal was accomplished at a World Assembly where the Supreme Mandate was written and ratified by all the nations of Tarizon and peace was finally restored.

Shroud of Doom takes place thirty-seven years after unification 37 A.

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The planet's ecology is slowly recovering from the effects of the long war that has killed millions, destroyed most of the planet's infrastructure, and left Tarizon barely habitable. In order for the human population to survive huge domes have been constructed over the cities to protect the inhabitants.

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Unfortunately, the cities were unable to contain the entire population and millions were left outside the domes to die. Although most did die a few, known as the Mutants, managed to adapt to Tarizon's hostile environment and survived. Like the mutants the two other sentient life forms on Tarizon, the Nanomites and the Rhutz were left outside the domes to fend for themselves.

Shroud of Doom is the story of the collision of these two worlds which eventually plunges Tarizon into civil war.