Manual Overcoming the Enemy (Life Principles Study Series)

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Tom Shepard.

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From time to time someone will put a message on Sermon Central that has nothing to do with the sermon and in fact is false teaching. Such was the case for the comment I made on Aug I notified the support group at Sermon Central and the comment was removed - but my comment from Aug 16 remains. Please ignore my comment from that date. Summer Sermon Series. Weekly Sermon Collections. Online Sermon Editor.

Overcoming the Enemy

This sermon looks at seven principles to win the battles of life. View all Sermons. Principle number one: 1. Download Sermon with PRO. Browse All Media Related Media. Talk about it Yinka Sokunbi commented on Jun 29, Thanks for the message. God bless you more.

Sign in to reply to this comment. Subscribe to Comments Post Reply Cancel. Tom Shepard commented on Jun 30, Thank you. Tom Shepard commented on Aug 16, Please ignore the message above - it is spam. Tom Shepard commented on Aug 24, From time to time someone will put a message on Sermon Central that has nothing to do with the sermon and in fact is false teaching. Join the discussion. So often we hear Christians saying things like they are trying their hardest to overcome their struggles and old nature, but the Bible reveals that we must never try to overcome so that we might enter into the victory of Jesus Christ; rather, it reveals that we can overcome BECAUSE His victory is already secure.

In this series you will learn that the victory of Jesus Christ is finished. Our warfare is to HOLD ground. We already possess the victory in Jesus Christ. Does God call women to the five-fold ministry? These and other woman related topics are scripturally examined. Betty Miller has written several books on other topics as well.

To view titles or purchase those books visit our bookstore. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This was not supposed to happen. Mainstream media play a crucial role in this process of decay. While their legitimacy has faded, their influence is still believed to be significant. This creates an atmosphere of permanent ambivalence. Why bother? The theoretical blind spots of successive postmodern generations are too numerous to list. Many of us still subscribe to his notion of the bourgeois public sphere as an arena where different opinions compete in a rational dialogue—even if we do not believe in the core values of Western society, such as democracy.

What would a contemporary version of Indymedia look like? The cynical reading of the news has overshadowed critical capacities. The shift from critical consumer to critical producer has come with a price: namely, information inflation. According to boyd, media literacy has became synonymous with distrusting media sources rather than engaging in fact-based critique. This has led to a doubt-centric culture that can only ever be outraged, a culture incapable of reasonable debate—a polarized culture that favors tribalism and self-segregation.

The current situation demands a rethink of the usual demands of activists and civil-society players regarding media literary. How can the general audience be better informed? Is this an accurate diagnosis of the current problem in the first place? How do we poke holes in the filter bubbles? How does manipulation work today? Is it still productive to deconstruct the New York Times and its equivalents? How would we explain the workings of the Facebook News Feed to its user base?

If we want to blame the algorithms, how do we translate their hidden complexity so that large audiences can understand them? These mathematical models are not neutral tools. However, in everyday life we increasingly experience ranking as destiny.

Those choices are not just about logistics, profits, and efficiency. They are fundamentally moral. Techniques such as leaks, fake news, socialbots, kompromat , and agitprop confuse the political climate. Disorientation is sufficient; it is not longer necessary to, for instance, manipulate election outcomes. His personal tweets have become indistinguishable from policy, state propaganda, and info warfare.

Overcome the Enemy with God's Truth (Download)

In this case, power no longer operates through the pornographic overexposure of the hi-res 3-D image. This is not big data, but singular data.

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At this level, we leave behind the realm of both Hollywood glamour and reality TV and enter the real-time realm of communication-with-consequences, a next-level hybrid in which sovereign executive power and marketing become inseparable. What does contemporary psychoanalysis have to offer? While Dombek avoids referencing internet cultures and refrains from selfie and social media complaints, she does point to a crucial change in psychoanalytic practice: from therapeutic to quantitative methods. We need to move beyond the illness metaphors when discussing Trump, the alt-right, and social media at large.

He moves through life like a man who knows he is always being observed. Prompted by the activity of dopamine circuits in the brain, highly extroverted people are driven to pursue positive emotional experiences. As McAdams writes,. Anger can fuel malice, but it can also motivate social dominance, stoking a desire to win the adoration of others. Highly narcissistic people draw attention to themselves. Repeated and inordinate self-reference is a distinguishing feature of their personality.

Over time, people become annoyed, if not infuriated, by their self-centeredness. When narcissists begin to disappoint those whom they once dazzled, their descent can be especially precipitous. It is a ferocious combatant who fights to win. Are you preoccupied with fantasies that the world is ending because of the selfishness of others? Who, really, is Donald Trump? I can discern little more than narcissistic motivations and a complementary personal narrative about winning at any cost.

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It is as if Trump has invested so much of himself in developing and refining his socially dominant role that he has nothing left over to create a meaningful story for his life, or for the nation. It is always Donald Trump playing Donald Trump , fighting to win, but never knowing why. What would a philosophy of disbelief look like today?

What is atheism in the information context? These days, institutional dogmas are hidden inside media folklore, hardwired into network architectures, steered by algorithms. Meme producers have become immune to the criticism of third-way liberal moralists.

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Their firewall of indifference has not yet been hacked. Shitposters, who are bound by nothing, set a rhetorical trap for their enemies, who tend to be bound by having an actual point. The disillusionment is overwhelming. Is this spectacle a smoke screen for more drastic, long-term measures? Are there ways to not just hit back but also be one step ahead? How do we develop, and then scale up, critical concepts and bring together politics and aesthetics in a way that speaks to the online millions? What can we do other than coming together? Can we expect anything from the designer as lone wolf?

Overcoming Internet Disillusionment: On the Principles of Meme Design

How do we organize this type of political labor? Do we need even more tools that bring us together? Do we perhaps need a collective dating site for political activism? Is the promise of open, distributed networks going to do the job, or are you look for strong ties—with consequences? This is a subjective list; there are so many other classics in this genre. How can we identify these key issues and then act upon this knowledge?

Crucial are alternative narratives, which, once they have been developed and tested, can be condensed into memes. As we know, memes can and must be mutated. Memes are designed to be jammed, yet the core message stays the same no matter how radically the meme is altered.