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  2. Trump’s Digital Campaign for 2020 Is Already Soaring
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They have built from the ground up a unified database that incorporates and connects everything the campaign knows about a voter within it. Rospars said that in they no longer had to try to integrate data in the campaign. The centralised nature of the database may raise privacy issues as the election cycle progresses. Jeff Chester of the digital advertising watchdog Center for Digital Democracy, which has been calling for regulators to review the growth of digital marketing in politics, said that "this is beyond J Edgar Hoover's dream.

In its rush to exploit the power of digital data to win re-election, the Obama campaign appears to be ignoring the ethical and moral implications.

Mitt Romney presidential campaign - Wikipedia

The Obama database incorporates Vote Builder, a store of essential information such as age, postal address, occupation and voting history drawn from the voter files of million active voters. It lines up and matches those voter files with data gathered from online interactions with the president's supporters — notably the millions of pieces of information its army of canvassers collected across the nation during the race, a list of email addresses of supporters that it has amassed and that now stands at about 23 million, as well as the contact information of Obama's 25 million Facebook fans.

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Facebook itself has been transformed as a political campaign tool since , simply by dint of its exponential growth. Four years ago there were about 40 million Facebook users in the US; now there are more than million — incorporating almost the entire voting public. The significance of the fusion of Facebook and voter file data is hard to overemphasise.

Trump’s Digital Campaign for 2020 Is Already Soaring

First among those possibilities is that the campaign can distribute customised content designed specifically for its Facebook fans to share with their much wider circle of friends. The messages can be honed to a particular demographic — age, gender, etc — as well as set of interests, and targeted on the most hotly contested parts of the most crucial battleground states.

Teddy Goff, the digital director of the re-election team, told Social Media Week that as the year progresses there would be more and more "persuasion through interaction". Individual voters would be given access to digital platforms from which they will be able to tell their own stories "and that's far more powerful than anything we can say", Goff said.

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People's own stories really moves votes. Goff said the campaign was focused on building relationships through social media. An Obama message would be crafted so that "not only can it be passed to your friends but to those friends that we think are most in need of passing it on to". The bottom line is that if you are sent a message from your Facebook friend encouraging you to turn up to an event or donate to Obama, you are vastly more likely to respond than if the request comes from an anonymous campaign staffer. The other door that data integration will further open in is personalised marketing.

This has been the Holy Grail of political campaigners for decades: the idea that you can talk directly to voters and serve them customised messages.

On targeting:

In the old world of snail mail, that could be achieved to some degree through direct marketing — ie leaflets dropped into the letter box — but that is expensive and far too slow with today's hour news cycle. The fusion of information into a centralised database allows you to direct market online at much less cost and virtually instantaneously. The technique has begun to spread widely among commercial businesses over the past year, and it is only a matter of time before such hyper-targeting is standard across political campaigns.

Indeed, we've already started to see it this year. The Obama campaign has already tailored a single donation request to 26 distinct segments of the voting public. The Republicans are also getting in on the act.

Abraham Lincoln

Michele Bachmann used customised online advertising in Iowa to reach Republican voters only, sending to their computers messages with a local spin for each of the state's 99 counties. That helped her win Iowa's vaunted straw poll in August though that didn't help her in the long run. Rick Perry sent God-praising commercials to Iowans who listed themselves as evangelicals on Facebook. The company CampaignGrid , that serves mainly Republican candidates, claims to be able to online market direct to targeted households.

Jeff Dittus, the company's co-founder, illustrates what this means. He worked on behalf of one unidentified Republican presidential candidate, serving online ads in the Miami-Dade region of Florida specifically to , individuals who had voted in at least two of the four previous Republican primaries. The adverts were further customised for gender, and for Spanish speaking. They were distributed to the individuals through internet ad exchanges that allow for instantaneous filtering of users the nanosecond they click onto a video on any one of four million websites.

In that flash, if you fitted the criterion you were served with a second pre-roll video from the candidate delivering a message to you that you would have found remarkably personal. It matches up the details of up to 50m cookies embedded on individual computers with voter files and uses it to identify Democratic-leaning individuals to whom it can serve customised ads wherever they go on the web. The company is also developing a system for targeting Democratic voters through their computer IP addresses down to such tightly drawn areas or "IP zones" as just 20 households.

That allows for micro-targeting depending on the average income bracket, age profile and concerns of that tiny locality.

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The elephant in the room, of course, is television, which continues to dominate advertising spending by political campaigns. Most analysts agree that has come too soon for any equally transformative leaps forward in targeted or "addressable" TV advertising. It was the election of where President John Adams and Vice-President Thomas Jefferson—the two highest elected officials in the land and each a pivotal player in the creation of our nation—squared off in a race for the White House and established a tradition of negative campaigning that would cause our current candidates to blush with embarrassment.

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Not unlike much of the mud-slinging we experience in modern elections, the dirty work, back in the earliest days of the nation, was often left to surrogates. One particularly stinging attack came via one James Callender—an influential journalist of the time whose incendiary pamphlets had been secretly funded by Thomas Jefferson and who had an axe to grind for having been prosecuted and imprisoned by the Adams Administration for violating The Sedition Act.

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  8. For those who may not deal in such terminology, a hermaphrodite is one who has both male and female organs. By the time Jackson prevailed in the race, the headlines would be filled with charges of murder, adultery, and pimping—headlines printed in highly partisan newspapers that make amply clear that today's media has nothing on our ancestors when it comes to pursuing a political agenda.

    Jackson was labeled a bigamist. For the record, there is historical evidence suggesting that Jackson and his wife had, indeed, married without the benefit of Rachel having first obtained a divorce while the charges of pimping lodged against President John Quincy Adams were completely false. If we want better—and we should—it begins by understand that this type of politics is as old as the union.