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  1. Global DAWN Network
  2. Global Count Shows Tree Numbers Have Halved Since Dawn Of Human Civilisation
  3. Scientists Tantalized as Dawn Yields Global Mineral and Topographic Maps of Ceres | Universe Today
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Global DAWN Network

You will have to get your people to survive, expand and evolve, just like our ancestors, facing the challenges that the environment will throw at you. Hunt Animals were a vital source of food and resources for ancient humans. Use their meat to feed your people and their skin and bones to make clothing and craft the tools you will need to stay alive. Gather Collect a variety resources from the environment: fruit, berries, water, wood, flint, stone, ores.

Use them to prepare food, to make tools and to build structures in your settlement. Plan for harsh times Fish is more abundant in spring, berries and fruit can be collected in summer and animals are easier to come by when it's warm.

Global Count Shows Tree Numbers Have Halved Since Dawn Of Human Civilisation

When winter comes, make sure to have enough non-perishable food and warm clothing in order to survive. Expand and fortify your settlement Build more homes and facilities for your people, in order to expand your population. Construct fortifications and craft weapons, so you are ready for when the inevitable conflict comes. Research Technologies Each new discovery will make it easier for your settlement to be able to support larger populations, but will also bring new challenges: increased food demand, morale issues and more frequent raider attacks. Build Megalithic Structures Our ancestors were capable of incredible engineering feats: mine massive rocks from the environment, transport them using sledges and construct colossal stone structures.

Control Nature Unlock farming technologies to grow your own vegetables, so you can feed large amounts of people. Domesticate animals to produce food, resources and provide increased muscle power.

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Scientists Tantalized as Dawn Yields Global Mineral and Topographic Maps of Ceres | Universe Today

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What types of materials are inside Ceres? Where the light come from? Is there life inside Ceres? The theory that the mysterious white spots in Occator crater are caused by sublimation or evaporation from a subsurface water source is really great news as meteor craters are endemic to all. This has huge implications for other icy or 'wet' bodies in the solar system.

A Mars landing site I've oft suggested is the Hellas Planetia , the southern hemisphere's gigantic crater. IF Mars is geologically active or rather has a molten core then there might be fractures where mineral hot springs have risen to the surface Maybe some of those mists and hazes seen therein are more than simple passing clouds?

Previous DAWN workshops

Geothermal power plants on Mars anyone? Aqua4U I was thinking the exact same myself next stop Hellas Planetia those Mists and Hazes sure are coming from somewhere!! There hasn't been much to suggest active geothermal processes on Mars any time recently, and by "recent," I mean on geologic time scales Still, starting to have second thoughts about that real estate deal I passed up a few years ago A team of astronomers led by Scott Sheppard has discovered 20 new moons around Saturn, putting it ahead of Jupiter! It's that time again!

One of the chief aims of space agencies and commercial aerospace these days is reducing the associated costs of space…. According to a recent study, Enceladus' plumes may contain the building blocks of amino acids, which are the building blocks…. They're testing the technologies on aircraft, balloons, and…. Homepage Space Exploration. Share this:. Related Post.