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I am the golden one, that burns just like the sun, next time we meet is your disaster. Will Blake and Yang defeat him once and for all in this fight? Will he die, or go to prison? Is this meeting his disaster, his lament? So since Bmblb is obviously a romantic song, can shippers please stop saying that Armed and Ready was a romantic song just because of 1 sentence in the song?

I love the ship myself but Armed and Ready was a song about Yang, from beginning to end, it was from her perspective, about her recovery. Now the new Bmblb song on the other hand is definitely a romantic song about Yang and Blake, I really have no doubt about it at this point unless the full song goes a completely different route, who knows.

So Armed and ready acoustic… The beehaw was right all along… Now the real question: does that mean cowboy Vacuo Yang is gonna be canon? Most days I try to keep calm and level-headed about the Bees and their chances of being canon and all that stuff. Originally posted by lifetimetv. Every since the fall of beacon and her training, and the trek thru anima—she has not used her semblance once at least not on screen and the times her eyes turn red-in my opinion- is not her using her semblance.

Armed And Ready

She has been literally storing everything, every hit, every emotion, literally little thing charging up for this moment. My girl Yang rose out of the ashes like the motherfucking phoenix and she did it with a battle cry rife with badassery and puns up the ass I love her so much. Last night I had a dream that featured the song Armed and Ready. Log in Sign up.

Armed and Ready | Hugo Kobayashi

Armed and Ready Acoustic be like Originally posted by the-hearth-below. The pain I went through Left me with a new War cry! It was incredible. Thank you Barb. RWBY 4 Soundtrack be like:. Jeff and Casey: Armed and Ready. RT: Good…gooood… Now make it gayer. Armed and Ready Edition includes the acoustic song for free on your Scroll.

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Kayle Knight kayleknight rwby yang xiao long armed and ready fire little sun dragon sunshine rwby yang xiao long rwby yang yang roosterteeth fanart art illustration digital illustration digital art digital painting illustrator photoshop adobe cintiq artist myart camelot comics. They really did a Western version of Armed and Ready, this is it, Beehaw will never die.

Someone really needs to stop me. Also smol hell this yall bastards Also would smol hell be smol tarnation? Yangs about to play a killer tune. Yang : I got the horses in the back- Originally posted by bearditorium. Beatles George Harrison John Lennon Ringo Starr armed and ready barber shop barber shoppe cute hair hairdryer music paul mccartney salon silly the beatles what? Yang: Hey Blake, you like my new arm?

Translation of "- each with their torpedoes armed and ready" in Russian

Blake: Yeah sure, why? Comments Comment by Quietharm Sven is in the most northwestern part of Darkshire. To get to him the quickest, fly to Sentinel Hill in Westfall and then go northeast across the river. It's faster than flying into Darkshire and setting out on foot to find him that way. Comment by Thottbot You can find sven at x7, y36 on map.

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Comment by Thottbot sven is the guy in north western corner of duskwood. Comment by Thottbot if it's held in the off hand, does that mean i can't use my two-handed mace, verigan's fist? Comment by Thottbot try to destroy the weapon.

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Comment by Thottbot Duskwood 7, Comment by Thottbot Whenever I need to get to Sven but I'm not in the area, I fly to Sentinal Hill in Westfall, and then just go north-east across the river, and then back. Sure beats running all the way from DS to Sven, who is located so damn far.

What makes a hi-rel ARM MCU?

Nice suggestion! The building is shrouded in a sort of mist that is difficult to see far in. Comment by Allakhazam Morbent has around 4 "helpers" in his room. They will all aggro if one does. Furthermore, when you reach the top of the stairs, if you can clearly see Morbent, he can see you and will aggro, bringing his friends with. They are Skeletal Raiders and such--the kind of thing you find in the surrounding graveyard.

Just completed this with level 31 mage and a level 30 paladin, with a level 26 paladin doing nothing but cast heals. Armed and Ready. You haven't been gone that long, but I see a fire in your eyes I did not see before. Ah, this will be proof against the fiend Morbent Fel! Well done! You are ready. Morbent Fel will fall.