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  1. Sound and Scent in the Garden — Dumbarton Oaks
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Pages: 85— Pages: — Biographical Note Anya H. King, Ph. She publishes on medieval Islamic trade with Asia. Musk deer. Illustration 2. The musk apparatus. Illustration 3.

Sound and Scent in the Garden — Dumbarton Oaks

Musk pods. Primarily scholars of Islamic history and its eastern connections, and secondarily scholars of the history of aromatics, perfumery, and commodity history. The rich perfume of the gardenia bloom may remind you of wandering through a garden at night—this flower is most often pollinated by moths, so it releases more scent at night to attract them.

Gardenias prefer to live where nighttime temperatures are warm around 60 degrees Fahrenheit , and prefer humidity and moist soil. For a sweet-smelling scent, opt for freesia. Often described as smelling like strawberries or fruit, freesia is lovely in a garden or a bouquet, and comes in vibrant shades of purple, yellow, pink, and red.

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In zones 9 or warmer, freesia bulbs called corms are planted in the fall since they will survive the winter, but in cooler zones, the corms are planted in the spring. If planting in a pot indoors, keep the soil moist and place it near a window that gets good sunlight. Similar to gardenia, night-blooming jasmine is most fragrant after dark. Not all types of jasmine are fragrant, but common white jasmine is known for its sweet scent.

A growing zine dotted with delicate white flowers, jasmine looks particularly striking when grown on a trellis or pergola.

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Sign up to our free weekly newsletter. Dobbies Garden Centre lets you return plant pots. First look: Ikea x Virgil Abloh collection. Ron Evans Getty Images. Some plants to try to add scent to your summer garden This is when scent is at its most romantic and powerful. There are of course masses of plants to chose from but these are absolute favourites: Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile' is a rangy deciduous shrub that looks not overly interesting until it is smothered in white cup shaped flowers in summer.

How to fill your garden with scent this summer

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