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How to get rid of dark circles and bags. Brown circles are a matter of pigment and are mainly hereditary. If your eyes are particularly puffy, use a cold-water compress: by causing the blood vessels to contract, the cold stimulates microcirculation and promotes drainage. Never use facial cream in this area, its lack of fluidity can make your skin swell up! Before using the treatment, clean your face well, ridding the epidermis of impurities pollution, dust, etc. At bedtime , position your pillows to raise your head slightly: this will prevent lymph fluid from accumulating around your eyes.

Watch what you eat. Reduce your salt consumption one of the greatest causes of water retention! Moderate your consumption of alcohol and drink a lot of water , which will help your liver function better and tone your lymphatic tissue. Put out the cigarette. Smoking damages the blood vessels and makes them more pronounced and bluer.

Fatigue slows blood circulation, making the blood stagnate and turn the skin a reddish colour. Reduce stress. By unbalancing the body, and affecting the microcirculation around the eyes, stress can aggravate existing problems, darkening circles and making bags more obvious. We suggest. CW Beggs and Sons.

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A winning formula for brighter eyes and a fresher look. Biotherm Homme. Force Supreme Eyes Architect Serum, 15 ml. Smoothing and Relaxing Patches, 7 units. Every 15 minutes she showed me the progress as my face tightened up. After, I stood in the white-and-amethyst-color room and stared in the mirror. My face had never looked so sculpted, my brows were more arched the lifting! I left feeling nothing but gratitude.

Kate Winslet once had three facials in a week before the Oscars.

Bag Full of Blues - Willie "Big Eyes" Smith | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I get it. But I caught myself in the mirror on my 40th birthday and realized I no longer looked goth chic. I looked like I had mono. I wake up at a. After illuminating creams and cucumber masks failed, I needed a more instant fix, and I turned to celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. As he masterfully camouflaged, blurred, and brightened my undereye circles, I got it—makeup is my answer. Sleep would be my real answer. Baby steps. Start your undereye regimen with a brightening primer.

Predator-induced changes in the growth of eyes and false eyespots

Sotomayor used La Mer The Perfecting Treatment on me—it created a lovely blurring effect and canceled out sallowness. Same idea here. First he tapped the paler color under my eyes with the pad of his ring finger. Apply concealer and foundation in a large triangle shape, never a crescent. He covered my entire undereye area from the tear duct straight down the nose to the nostril, and then back up to the outer corner of my eye.

Then he blurred fine lines by buffing with a concealer brush and set the whole area with translucent powder. Brighten eyes with a shadow that mimics your skin color. For my golden-brown skin, Sotomayor used soft copper shades. They seemed to make my eyes whiter, and they added to my overall glow. Skip heavy highlighters on lids, or anywhere within an inch of your nose area. Finally, give your brows and lashes some love.


My six-year-old son has been waking up at a. And it might be on the heels of my being up till 1 a. This is not to complain about my kids or my life. And I look it. The eye creams in my bathroom cabinet are pretty full. Hell, some days I forget to even moisturize.

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Something like Botox or maybe a filler. Then my husband mentioned casually one day that he had tried Brotox a version of the wrinkle relaxer marketed to men. I looked closer at his face.

His brow furrow crease was gone, and I was jealous. She was also chief resident of dermatology at Yale. At first my face does feel odd. When I laugh, my face feels a little stuck, which makes me laugh even harder. But in exactly 14 days, the funny sensations end. The crease between my brows barely remains—same with the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. And I have no guilt—I am a feminist and I think modern feminism means you have the choice to age how you like.

My joy is completely unapologetic.

Causes of bags under the eyes

Who knows? Maybe by the time my first visit wears off, I might actually be getting some real sleep. Do you have allergies?