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Highlight products that solve the problem illustrated in the date.


T & Cs | Tickets for Brighton Pride

This works whether your clients are B2B, B2C, institutional or non-profit. Does your client have a cause close to his or her heart?

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Look under the civil rights, health, safety and environmental categories to find opportunities to support your clients cause along with source URLs in the alphabetical section to facilitate contact. If you're a business owner or in house marketing department, The LEEP helps you plan the best time of year to promote a product, service or cause by letting you know when that subject will be in demand.

For Editorial, you'll always have multiple story ideas for any day of the year. No more writers block! Your LEEP also includes: Anniversary dates for key events in , and past years including each Arab uprising, key dates in the Occupy Movement, The Great Recession's major events and other relevant current events impacting us today.

General holidays Historical holidays Religious holidays United Nations world events United States national events NGO Promotions National and regional non-profit promotions Events tied to the Military Romantic holidays and events Events and promotions for women, children, men and families and much more! This is one of the best investments you can make. Save Time. Make Money. Delve into the origin story of Weta Workshop and Magic Leap joining forces on the frontier of spatial computing.

How do you win over a base of players who will accept nothing but the nerdiest and most hardcore of gamers into their ranks? A worldwide debate over video games is raging right now with leading psychiatrists, psychologists, and health organizations on one side and the World Health Organization WHO on the other. The WHO proposes creating a classification for video game addiction.

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This action could cause harmful regulations, stigmatize billions of video game players, and results in unfortunate misdiagnoses. Innovations in technology, gameplay and business are transforming the way developers create, players engage and platforms participate.

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Looking at examples across industry and sharing insights from Microsoft, Sarah Bond will outline the forces shaping the game industry today and how publishers and developers can thrive in this new era of play. Simon Sim, President of Netmarble U.

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As investors and the tech giants pour billions into AR and the buzz grows, there remains an important lingering question for developers - should they care? There has been immense growth in AR in the last few years, but is there value today or is it years away? Where is the current tech today relative to the applications?

Where is this market going, and is it being driven by tech or applications?

Events in Saratoga Springs NY

Summit stage. This podcast interview will feature an in-depth, one-on-one conversation on the business and craft of developing one of the biggest games from In this workshop attendees will discuss and practice how games can use mechanics, group behaviors, social norms and information flow to create fun experience for different player types. First, participants play a couple of games in groups and answer some questions together. What are the core mechanics? How do they influence or subvert social dynamics in the players? How do they influence information flows? How do they highlight or obscure more dominant or supportive players?

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